Story About Us

SIYONA stands for:

  • ● Sure & Stable

  • ● Intelligent & Innovator

  • ● Yew & Yulan

  • ● Optional & Optimistic

  • ● Noteworthy & Noble

  • ● Architectural & Arduous

Siyona is a Gurgaon based manufacturer of eco friendly and affordable kitchen modules which has been serving the entire nation for more than 12 years. This company believes that together we can do magic. So all the projects that we take, we try to involve our clients with us. Their vision is our guiding force. Siyona is famous for offering interior products, world class wardrobes and timely service. Siyona’s reputation is mainly because of the high end service and timely handover of the renovated project. The consciousness of the company owners about nature and natural resources is another reason that people prefer Siyona a lot. Marine plywood, membrane, high pressure laminates etc are imported from abroad and Siyona works with these high end products as its raw materials. The company is very much concerned about the raw materials used for the manufacturing purposes. At Siyona, the manufactured furniture can be dismantled or assembled at any given point. The products prepared by this company are fully fire, water and termite proof. So when someone pays money for a certain project, Siyona knows how to give them the best product in return. From the planning to execution, from installation to warranty; Siyona is fully committed to its clients. We know that you want the best product in an affordable range and that is why we are here for you. Try Siyona for your full modular, semi modular, fully customised, semi customised, new or renovation related projects. We will provide you with nature friendly, affordable and high end services in return.