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  3. Thank you Parrot, of course you’re welcome to bring whatever you want, there’s plenty of room on the couch.What I left out is what you might see from the vantage point of the couch. This seems to be the thing we’re grappling with. I guess, like a lot of people, I haven’t quite figured that out yet and am hoping somehow that with some help, it might become clearer. But if it doesn’t, I still happy to have shared the couch.

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  6. Hi Bluebee, Your good wishes are most appreciated! Wedding is in 3 weeks – first Sunday in September. Things are hurtling along nicely. Enjoy your beautiful spring. Respite and rebirth. Fall is beautiful here, too, and then we know what comes. No choice but to enjoy it. Best — Monica

  7. Elizabeth / Discordo do Sam, isso é crime, sim – é invasão de privacidade. Como também não é legal ficar mandando e-mails pra gente sem que tenhamos autorizado recebimento deles. Ao contrário que muita gente pensa, a internet não é terra de ninguém e é preciso haver regulamentação e respeito no seu uso.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 4

  8. It seems to me that even with maintenance downtime it is possible to run ammo factories about 19 hours a day 7 days a week with 4 shifts of workers, not 16/5 with 3. Also what are these raw materials? Steel, Lead and Brass are all down!Also, if the time prediction is truly never, and demand can be predicted somewhere on the globe well into the future due to wars, then it does become wothwhile to build more factories or convert auto plants. Oh, I forgot, Obama owns them now.

  9. Corne, jy is absoluut briljant! Die fotos lyk stunning! Ek kan nie glo hoe mooi en uniek jy ons laat lyk nie (…spog ek nou ‘n bietjie…) Hoe sal ek ooit vir julle kan dankie sê, hierdie is ver bo my verwagtinge. Jy en Fiona is geseën met ‘n wonderlike talent! Vreeslik, vreeslik baie dankie!!

  10. Dymphna- A little OT. I am invaded with “Gods Cows” every October and they remain in my walls and inside my home all winter. This year has been the worst. They are too dumb to get outside so they collect on the windows attracted by the sun. They get EVERYWHERE!! I even had to buy a hand vac to suck those buggers up which has become a daily chore. Ah yes, country living. Have a good vacation.

  11. Danke♥ Ja, es war ganz schön was los. Hätte gerne mehr geschrieben und gezeigt, aber dann hätte keiner mehr gelesen*hihi*Dein Rückblick ist doch auch nicht ohne. Solange wir das noch selbst schreiben und keinen zur Hilfe holen müssen, ist das wunderbar:-)

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  15. if u havent played TW2, it’s combat is pretty much like Risen 2 with worse camera and lock-on system. human enemies will block most of the time, u just hit that attack button until they die. No one can say that TW2′s combat system is good, yet Aj completely ignored it.

  16. I think it's ok, although I've already watched the 'recommended videos' months ago. Plus I'd rather see the 12 most recent videos out of all my subscriptions in the 'latest from your subscriptions' section because it's showing videos several months old in some cases.

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  21. Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch as I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch! “We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.” by Ambrose Gwinett Bierce.

  22. Vielen Dank für das sehr schöne Foto! Das ist ein seltener Anblick des Theaterkahns und zeigt durch die hohen Fenster einen Einblick in die Küche des Restaurants Kahnaletto, in der die Köche auf engstem Raum wunderbare Speisen bereiten. Empfehlenswert deshalb vor dem Theaterbesuch auch ein feines Essen…

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  24. Thanks Craig! You are right, we had the wrong podcast linked there. We usually test them, but sometimes we slack off on our Quality Assurance. We will up the vigilence!Also, sorry if it took a while to post this comment. We get a ton of spam and were travelling the first week of August. I am rethinking our comment filtering technique. I hate those character recognition things, but the spam posting is insane. We get a hundred a week I have to toss.

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  28. We (in the circles of the blogosphere I frequent) will nitpic and argue about intention and meaning of Shinsekai yori – what this art change means, how this exposition was handled, what this iconography says about things to come – but I am thankful anime like this is still being made all the same. It’s the kind that can engage complex ideas and inspire spirited debate, and promises layers of meaning to those who take the time to look. It’s things like this with uncommon ambition and skill that still make me excited to be an anime fan.

  29. Your entry on this matter is really COOL!!~ But a bit vulgar la… But still what u want to say really straight to the point!!~ No beating ard the bushes… LOL.Anyway, game over. They stepped down liao. Going overseas to enjoy the balance of his salary I guess. But continue to support the foundation la… The patients STILL need our help lor… 😉

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  31. So happy to find your blog Maria! I’ve been doing the Swank diet for twenty four years. As his patient, for ten…I knew I’d found the way to controlling this disease. RECENTLY found that I need to seriously cut gluten. WOW…now this, is challenging! Your blog came to me at just the right time…i sooooo look forward to learning more from you! If I can ever add clarity to your Swank diet cache’ of knowledge, please don’t hesitate to email me! Best to you! Donna

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  33. Do you have any idea WHY I go to Gourmet Garage so often? Cuz of the free freaking cheese – that’s why! I want my Chedda yo. And my Gouda and Pecorino too.I also get not-so-secretly pissed if the deli dude forgets to let me “sample” what I’m buying.

  34. Hey, I tried to leave a comment for this before but it doesn’t seem to have worked. Loved the touch where Jeff’s golfing acquaintances invite Art for drinks. Even if Jeff doesn’t like them all that much it’s still got to sting. Great concept too – just how much somebody will put up with to get approval? I’m intrigued by the image. Did you create it or find it?

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  36. Colour me impressed. All it takes over here to send people creaming for the government teat is a couple of inches of the white stuff (which, according to the BBC, was everywhere? when in reality it fell in parts of the south where the BBC people live – and almost nowhere else).I used to have to put up with stuff like this when I was a kid. I’m too soft to put up with it now. I’d go nuts. Then I’d light a fire. 🙂

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  44. If there's a shadow military, I'd like them to have a plan for seizing farmland from agribusiness and distributing it to qualified independent farmers. (Other means of production, too.) No doubt that will strike some people here as anti-capitalist…so be it. One of the reasons the current system deserves to collapse is that the bar has been set so high by the major players, that one practically has to be a squatter to be self-sufficient. I'd like to see organized, middle-class squatting.

  45. SiZ dit :Kishi n’a en faite, rien dit de nouveau. tout ce qu’il a dit, on le savait déjà mais maintenant qu’il a dit que l’identité de Tobi sera révélé trés prochainement, j’ai encore plus hâte de voir sa tête.Je me demande comment tout ça va se terminer. Orochimaru est réapparu, ils galèrent à battre tobi, Madara est surpuissant, bref…j’espère juste que Kishi ne baclera pas son manga à l’avenir après tous ces événement qu’on a eu en si peu de temps.Aime : 0

  46. I’ve just received my second denial for SSDI benefits, but I’m like you, I would NEED TO DO SOMETHING. I’m interested, and in the works of starting a BLOG, I just can’t get the hang of it yet. I would love to work from home, I’ve been the medical field 15+ years and have such a desire to learn and and try something new.

  47. Well I can tell you that here in Las Vegas it was about 75% LDS in the Room I was in and the building for that matter. I got stuck being one of the Delegates (because no one else wanted it so my wife raised my hand….) (and FYI I am for Mitt). Any how it really was a sweep here and I have read he even got around 50% of the “evangelicals” vote too! 🙂

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  67. Patrick,True. However what has been happening with me lately is I say “So and so is not playing well this season” and the retort tends to be “RINGZ!” or “How many All-Star games?” etc. So I figured I’d at least show that how our former stars are playing this season relative to their old selves is far off (with the exception of Allen, what’s up with that?)

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  87. You are so cool, calm and collected! And looking gorgeous!I'm always running around like a mad woman before anything that has a deadline, it's ridiculous! I'm one of those people that is always 5 minutes late, and even when I try to leave early for things, I end up flustered and stressed!Xoxo

  88. Dr. J Did I demonize you? Or others?To my eye, yes. Your comment “Obviously many aren’t” looks like a barb at DaGoat for questioning the net value of Obamacare. Your distinction between the woman in your post and others who will “game the system” by not buying insurance demonizes the latter. You haven’t gone quite as far as SteveK’s explicit name-calling, but I’m picking up a similar sentiment. Am I wrong?

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  90. BobBeechinYeah… I agree with Muzza. Feels way too much like Wilfred with a teddy bear..I doubt Seth McFarland has heard of Wilfred, However it sounds very much like the 1994 American sitcom Unhappily Ever After which has a man having conversations with a stuffed Rabbit called Mr. Floppy, voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait.VN:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

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  92. – What awesome pictures. We were unable to attend and it is so lovely to be able to view all the pics and the wonderful moments, almost like being there. what a beautiful beautiful event. You have a very good photographic talent. Thank you.

  93. Jenny read at the NZ Poetry Society meeting in Wellington on Monday night – I'd heard and enjoyed her read before, but I especially enjoyed this latest reading, and it's lovely to get some "bonus Jenny" in this fashion. Thanks, Harvey – and I'm pleased to hear you got to read with her in Dunedin too.

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  108. okay that was probably the most hilarious twilight-related thing i’ve ever read. I, also, can’t stop loving the twilight saga, yet there are many way too pathetic things in it (sparkly vampires…how bella’s so dang perfect… and where did that whole “i can’t read charlie’s mind that well either” thing come from??? edward NEVER mentioned that in any of the other books. which leads me to think that he’s lied to bella a lot more. I wish stephenie meyer would finish midnight sun… that way i’d know more about what edward thinks.

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  112. Your post made me smile Penny, not just because I could picture your double-parked bookshelves spilling on to the floor, but also because I'm just the opposite. I wish I could be more of a hoarder. Instead I regularly cull my stock of books, often later regretting the too-early disposal of nd having regretted the havebeen known to

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