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We welcome you at Siyona Enterprises committing to our social responsibility and work towards building our Nation. Yes, we are the pioneer Modular Kitchen Manufacturers and supplier company in Gurgaon offering dynamic modular kitchen solutions where we understand your need and provide customized design Siyona Enterprises manufactures Modular Kitchen Cabinets and Shutters are made in Industrial Units in Gurgaon. We strongly promote the concept of ‘Make in India’ and sincerely practice it.

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Now We are Providing Kitchen is Suitable for the Home that has a Lot of Space and Different Shape:


L-SHAPE: This type of kitchen is suitable for homes that have lot of space and the cooking experts need more space to roam around when they are preparing delicious cuisines.

U-SHAPE : These kitchens are perfects for both, large houses and the small ones. The storage space in this type of kitchen is extensive which allows the chef to gather all the ingredients he or she can manage to accumulate.

STRAIGHT SHAPE :  These type of kitchen is suitable for home where rooms are endowed with single partition wall. Here, the owners can get the benefit of both, extensive space and good storage options.

PARALLEL SHAPE: This shape gives a new definition to space management and aesthetically pleasing. The design of the kitchen is such that there is some difference between two kitchen lines that it a wonderful space to work in.

Siyona Enterprises Manufacturing Modular Kitchen is a synchronized process involving multiple types of machinery, where we have a highly advanced framework to manufacture modular frameworks and cabinets. We are producing Modular frameworks and cabinets and supply it to 250 kitchen vendors across cities in India. Apart from that, we strive to make your Modular environment as marvelous as a beautiful landscape.

The Brand Name of Siyona Enterprises achieves height as we have been pioneers in providing Modular Kitchens to clients from all backgrounds. Our Concept of Design has inspired the design industry to promote an Indian Kitchen as Kitchen for everyone, by providing most Cost Effective Modular Kitchens, which all can afford. We are an established and trusted brand and focusing to target international market in the coming years where we are confident to produce the best result with our cutting-edge technologies